BadSheep heroI have several illustrative styles depending upon the use for the illustration. There are currently 10 nationally distributed children’s books that I have illustrated. I have also done numerous magazine covers for the Ann Arbor Observer. But I also do technical renderings and Photoshop retouching that can be used to show the final product after altering an existing space, fix a photo that has too little sky or something in the foreground that needs to be removed. I have years of experience in the medium and can tackle just about any problem. I can also use Photoshop to show how a mural will look in the space you have in mind.

Illustration is a term used to describe any artwork that will be used in another medium other than in its original form. For instance, a painting that is done for use as a magazine cover, a drawing done to be printed as a poster, or a rendering showing what a mural will look like when it’s completed. These are all illustrations.

I work in ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, mixed media and all digital media. Show me what you want done, and I can probably accomplish it.

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I’ve also produced numerous logos for commercial clients. Here are just a few samples.