Mel Fisher Treasure Museum Mural

This mural took three months to complete in my studio and was installed in November of 2022 just after the last hurricane of the season. It tells the story of why the Treasure Coast bears that name. The mural is a timeline starting from the top left with the calm before the storm, the hurricane that sunk the Spanish fleet and then the rainbow that always follows. The bottom left continues with the narrative showing the AI Indians helping the Spanish recover what they could from the loss of their ships and crews. A large conquistador and treasure chest give viewers an opportunity to pose with the mural for selfies. The timeline continues with a newly sunken ship and a diver brings the viewer into the present day as treasure hunting continues on the treasure coast. The balast stones are a signal to divers that a ship site is near. The mural ends with the turtle which spans both top and bottom timelines. The mural can be found on the building facing the Indian Ocean in Sebastian Florida. It is applied with a unique technique which embeds the paint into fiber protecting it from salt and winds and building expansion and contraction. The paint will never flake off. A strong UV coating protects it from fading. If you are interested in a mural of this type, my prices are affordable and you are guaranteed a mural of lasting quality and durability.

Katherine Larson

Katherine Larson is a graphic artist, muralist and classical singer from Dexter, Michigan.

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