Lloyd Bridges Traveland Murals

This is the largest interior mural I have ever done. The murals fill every available wall at this RV showroom in Chelsea, Michigan. It features National and State landmarks that blend one into the next throughout the display room. Even the office doors and overhead doors are painted.

I started by spraying the sky colors on (using climbing gear to assure my safety 25 feet up on a scaffolding). The job was not without its challenges. It turns out that the rental spray equipment I used sent more paint into the air as a mist than it put on the walls. As a result, the floor started to turn blue after the first day. We had to cover the entire floor with plastic before going any further. The photos below show some of the process of the painting and the finished murals. Click on the first slide to see a slideshow.

After completing the interior mural, the owner asked me if I would paint something that looked like an RV had crashed into the building. Here’s what I painted.

Lloyd bridges exterior.jpg

Katherine Larson

Katherine Larson is a graphic artist, muralist and classical singer from Dexter, Michigan.

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