Private Home – Trompe l’oeil Murals

I love doing Trompe L’oeil murals. I’m surprised that more people don’t request them since it can entirely change a space by tricking the eye into thinking there is another room, a window or a stone wall where there’s just a plain drywall panel. Trompe L’oeil means literally “to trick the eye.” I’ve employed the technique on many of my commercial and private murals.

The mural below was above a kitchen sink and was painted to perfectly blend with the existing backsplash and granite. It changed a plain window into a focal point and softened the hard lines of the kitchen design.



The mural below was done at the beginning of my career as a mural painter. I’m hoping to visit the home again to take a better photo. The wall in the alcove was also done as a faux gold leaf wall.



This mural was in the same home. It dramatically opened up the Master bath.


This was the very first Trompe l’oeil mural I ever did. The beds were very close to the wall in this room and the owner wanted the space to open up to a terraced patio on the ocean.

Katherine Larson

Katherine Larson is a graphic artist, muralist and classical singer from Dexter, Michigan.

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