Pinckney-Putnam Landmark Mural

Commissioned by Putnam Township and the Village of Pinckney, Michigan for their 175th Anniversary, this mural was painted on aluminum panels during the town’s celebration ceremony. Several members of the public were invited to paint on the mural. The painting was then completed in my studio and installed a few weeks later in the public square park next to the playground. The exterior mural survives the brutal Michigan winters because of the stability of the aluminum panels which do not expand and contract as wood or concrete does. Several protective UV coats were also added to the mural to retain the color brilliance.


The mural depicts the township through time progression with the oldest representation at the top of the mural and the newest buildings and developments at the bottom. This was done because of the numerous historical buildings that the township wanted illustrated in Pinckney which no longer exist. If the whole mural had been done in a historical context, the city of Hell and the recreation areas would not have existed yet.



I used the roadways to illustrate the passage of time with a horse and buggy in the distance up to a modern car in the foreground.


Here are a few shots of the creation of the mural. The public was invited to paint during their outdoor celebration of the anniversary. Click on the first photo for a slideshow.

Katherine Larson

Katherine Larson is a graphic artist, muralist and classical singer from Dexter, Michigan.

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