The Woodland Murals- PICU at Motts Children’s Hospital

The woodland murals are located on the 10th floor of Motts in hallway leading to the Pediatric ICU. The woodland murals are the third of four additions to the Motts murals. This mural series is part of the “Wall of Courage” which features photos of children who have spent time in the PICU. The photos and their captions give encouragement to the parents and children who are currently spending time in Motts. The murals serve as a backdrop to these photos. The open areas which you see in the completed images are where the framed photos for the children are located on the final mural.  I have a few shots showing the murals with the photos in place in the PICU Wall of Courage Murals post. You are welcome to see the mural in person, but will need a badge to visit the 10th floor.


Woodland Mural during install.jpg

The photo above shows the process of installation. The murals were painted on aluminum panels. The panels were then covered with plexiglass with a one-inch spacer to provide a place for the framed photos to be attached without damage to the painting. Similar to the original Wall of Courage murals, this mural has encouraging words painted into the images.




Katherine Larson

Katherine Larson is a graphic artist, muralist and classical singer from Dexter, Michigan.

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