Welcome to my gallery and on-line portfolio. You’ll find my work covers a great many techniques and products from murals, portraits, illustrations, paintings and prints. I’m a full time artist and I love my job. I hope that comes through in my work. If you are interested in visiting the studio, I’m happy to show you my work in person. You’ll be elegantly greeted by a friendly Weimaraner named “Maestro.” We’re located near Ann Arbor in the great state of Michigan, but I work for clients all over the United States.

Commissioned paintings are what I spend the majority of my time on, which is why I only do selected gallery shows. My studio has several original paintings displayed for sale and several limited edition prints. There is a link to purchase my books, fine art prints and posters through “SquareUp”. Or you can contact me at (734) 417-0141 or via email at divalarson@aol.com. I’d love to meet you in person.

Thanks for visiting…and Maestro says “woof.”

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