Welcome to my gallery and on-line portfolio. You’ll find my work covers a great many techniques and products from murals, portraits, illustrations, paintings and prints. I’m a full time artist and I love my job. I hope that comes through in my work. If you are interested in visiting the studio, I’m happy to show you my work in person. You’ll be elegantly greeted by a friendly Weimaraner named “Maestro.” We’re located near Ann Arbor in the great state of Michigan, but I work for clients all over the United States.

Commissioned paintings are what I spend the majority of my time on, which is why I only do selected gallery shows. My latest adventure is painting the most beautiful places in the U.S. through AmericanPaintOut.com. Feel free to visit my vlogs there and you can see the painting process in fun little 15 minute videos. Be sure to snag a FREE PRINT by signing up for the VIP Club. There is a link to purchase my books, fine art prints and posters on that site as well. Or you can contact me at (734) 417-0141 or via email at divalarson@aol.com. I’d love to meet you in person.

Thanks for visiting…and Maestro says “woof.”

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